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Stub warning

Stub warning

I've had a comment on my blog from someone called Alex, who points out that it is a nuisance to keep discovering that articles are stubs and would like there to be a way of browsing that made it possible to avoid stubs.

I can think of some labour-intensive manual approaches to this, but much nicer and quicker would be some kind of stub label that one could attach to an article that would then show up in all links to that article. (That way, when one removed the stub label, all the links would be updated automatically.) Is that technically feasible?

It's certainly technically feasible in the sense that it's possible to implement, but it's not clear to me how it would impact performance if there are lots of articles and lots of links. We'll make a note to try it out and see how it goes.

Emmanuel Kowalski suggests the following on my blog:

If most of the links are dynamically generated from a database, it might be fairly easy (?) to add to the front pages some rough visual indication of the length of the articles which are linked, and this might be enough to give an idea of their stub-like nature.

This feature now exists: see the help page on stubs for more information. Links to stub articles from other articles will be displayed with a little leaf next to them, and articles that are marked as stubs have a notice at the top saying so.