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More environments?

More environments?

According to, we have the following theorem-like environments:

* theorem * lemma * corollary * conjecture * proposition * claim * problem * question * definition

Could we have a few more also? e.g.

  • remark

  • remarks

  • exercise

  • sublemma

(I suppose "exercise" is largely synonymous with "problem", but one could imagine a need for both.)

Have I missed something or is there also no "proof" environment? That would be good too.

I've just tried having a list inside a proposition environment and it didn't work. It would be good to have a nice format for "the following are equivalent" type results.

I've added the four environments suggested (and am looking forward to seeing my first sublemma), and I've also added a proof environment. The formatting page has been updated and illustrates the syntax. It should also be possible to have lists inside environments should now.

By the way, I have opted to have theorems, lemmas, corollaries, conjectures and propositions displayed in italics and all the other environments displayed in a normal font-style. Furthermore, remark(s) and claims are not numbered. If someone feels strongly about such formatting issues then it would be nice to see a case presented (but in a separate forum post).