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Is there support for tables? I tried using the Wikipedia table format (using {| ... | ... |}) and it did not work.

Perhaps there could be a comments section on the "formatting on the tricki" page to discuss these sorts of things.

I'm afraid the only way of formatting tables at present is using the standard HTML markup: <table>...</table> with the '...' being combinations of rows <tr><td></td>...<td></td></tr>. Here, <tr> creates rows, and <td> creates cells within rows. See, for example, the w3schools page on tables for more information and examples.

(We opted not to use the '|...|' syntax since we're quite likely to have |s within tables, which would make things quite awkward to parse.)

OK, thanks. I tried the HTML table format at

and it worked just fine. (Perhaps the w3 link might be added to the help pages on markup.)