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Discussion pages

Discussion pages

In wikipedia there is a `discussion page' for each article where revisions are discussed before they are done. The discussion pages are wiki pages themselves, which can be edited/archived/ organized into sections etc. Would it be possible to have a similar discussion page for each article on tricki?

In tricki, currently people share their thoughts through comments. In time articles may be editted and the comments may no longer be relevant but still remain prominently on the article page.

I don't think the Wikipedia style is the best way to do it. If each article had its own forum in which you could create threads (and discuss things), that would make things much more easy. Forums, and the structure it provides, is more suitable for discussions.

Thanks for the response. I would be curious to hear why you think `forums and the structure it provides is more suitable for discussions.' At this point, I disagree and think that an editable wiki environment which also allows archiving and creation of detailed hierarchy (with links, sections and subsections, signing by authors, page history etc.) is more flexible and useful. I think its efficient and extensive use in wikipedia is a sign of its usefulness.

Another question: what is the policy of tricki on anonymous posts on forum pages?

Many thanks again.