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Moving articles

Moving articles

Is there a mechanism for moving an article from one location to another (leaving a redirect from the old location to the new, as in Wikipedia)? I want to split up "Methods for bounding integrals" into "Methods for bounding non-oscillatory integrals" and "Methods for bounding oscillatory integrals" but am not sure how to proceed.

While on this topic, do redirects work here as in Wikipedia (with #REDIRECT)?

We don't have an explicit procedure for moving articles yet. However, if you rename an article, the old address will automatically redirect to the new address. So unless you want to keep the "Methods for bounding integrals" article, you could rename it to one of the new ones.

Because of the automatic redirection, we don't have anything like #REDIRECT at the moment. Are there any scenarios other than article-renamings that would warrant such a syntax?

Ah, OK. I was confused because there was no explicit "rename" button but I see that the title field is just as editable as everything else, so that should work.

In wikipedia, #REDIRECT is useful when there is an abbreviation or alternate spelling (e.g. redirect FFT to Fast Fourier Transform), or if two articles end up being merged due to their similarity.

One can also imagine the need to delete an article that was created frivolously or becomes superceded.

Umm, it seems that when an article is renamed, there is no automatic redirect from the old name to the new; all my base times height links are now broken because the page was renamed to Bound your integral by its base times its height. It seems that we're going to need redirects to stop links dying every time a page is moved or renamed.

Hmm, bizarre. The link to base times height is redirecting properly – it's just not showing up in blue. I made some changes to the linking system the other day and I must have broken this functionality. I shall investigate.

This should now be working again, though it may take a while for the system to update all the links.

I notice now that a delete feature has been added. That's great! I hope there is some mechanism for admins to undelete though, in case of vandalism.

I'm beginning to see a need for redirects due to confusion as to the correct name for a given article, e.g. Cauchy-Schwarz inequality or the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality. Automatic redirects would reduce the number of inadvertent redlinks (and would also lead to less stilted prose when invoking these links).