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Revision of How can I help? from Mon, 20/04/2009 - 11:21

There are a number of different ways that people can help the Tricki. Here is a (possibly incomplete) list.

Write an article. This is the most obvious way. For the Tricki to become a truly useful resource, rather than just a place where one can browse in the hope of finding something interesting, it needs to attain a certain degree of comprehensiveness. And for this it needs many more articles. At this early stage, it is probably better to have an unsatisfactory and/or incomplete article than no article at all, though of course eventually we want good articles on lots and lots of topics.

Significantly change an article. If you read an article and find it unclear, or unsatisfactory in some other way (such as not mentioning an example that clearly ought to be mentioned, or misrepresenting an area of mathematics), then consider changing it to something better.

Add to an incomplete article. Many articles are flagged as incomplete, and it is explained in what way they are incomplete. Consider adding to them.