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I can't access my article II

I can't access my article II

I posted this on the general discussion page, but it probably belongs here. Since I posted it I have discovered that if I search for words in the title of my article, the search results in the same "The website cannot display the page" response as clicking on the article name.

Original Post:

I wrote part of an article entitled "Substitute the same object in a pattern in two different ways" and entered the first of the two examples I intend to write. Now when I try to access the article I get a server error. I can access any other articles with no problem. Help!

Hmm ... I've tried a number of different ways of opening that article, with no success. Something very weird seems to be going on, and we'll have to wait for Alex/Olof to diagnose the problem and sort it out. (It even seems to be a sort of hereditary problem: try searching for the word "substitute".)

Thanks for the report, SixWingedSeraph. The problem should be fixed now, and your article should render.

Thanks, everything works and I have finished what I wanted to do.