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Hyphens inside math equations

Hyphens inside math equations


tag does not allow hyphens inside the tag name; see the bottom of the sandbox,

for an example of this.

I had a similar experience. I tried to label some examples with hyphenated names, e.g. "EXAMPLE Mayer-Vietoris", but it didn't work. My work-around was to use "EXAMPLE Mayer_Vietoris" instead. (I am using quotes rather than square brackets just so that the second example (which works) doesn't get compiled in this message.)

Our convention has been to allow only letters, numbers and underscores in IDs, mainly for the reason that these are the characters allowed in variable names and IDs are somehow like variable names. I don't particularly see any solid reasons not to allow hyphens, though, and since it seems like it's a natural thing to want to use I'll add it to the to-do list.

Alex and I have now added this.