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Members list and stats

Members list and stats

How about a "directory", a list of members where we can see who is who? (I don't know if its already implemented somewhere). We could have just the same as you see when you click on the nick of anyone, plus info about what articles have they started, in which have they collaborated, number of posts in articles and in forums, etc (member stats).

Related to this, "tracking tools" could be useful for members. It is becoming increasily difficult to remember in which articles was I contributing or discussing something, or in which forum post I said that thing I want to remark now... It would be great to have tools for keeping track of our own posts/contributions!

Agreed for the "tracking tools". On Wikipedia it is possible to "watch pages", an indispensable function for editors.

I wish to add my vote to this feature. Several times I have found that certain authors have written a few articles that I like, and I would like the ability to then see which other articles they have worked on.