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Possible title mix-up

Possible title mix-up

Following on a discussion titled Differential equations front page on the article request forum, I attempted to create this page.

Unfortunately, the title seems to already be taken, although as far as I can tell it is not taken by an actual article with this name. I wonder: is it being taken by the title of the forum topic?

If I am correct, is there some way to modify this? It seems that there may from time-to-time be other discussions about various specific pages, and so it would be good to somehow distinguish a forum discussion about a page from the page itself.

If I am wrong, I'm still curious about what is going on.

That's very strange – I've just checked myself and had the same experience. It's odd because when you click on the dead link it says that there is no article with that name, so everything feels as though it's going OK. One for Alex/Olof ...

The problem was indeed that there was a forum post with that title. I realised that this would be a problem at some point, but put it on the to-do list as relatively low-priority because I considered it not to very likely to occur. Looks like I was wrong!

I've hopefully fixed the problem now in any case; I tested it by creating the front page you were attempting to add.