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There are several different ways of finding articles on the Tricki. There are navigation pages, such as

there is a search page, and there is a page where you can browse by tags. Furthermore, the articles on the Tricki are organised into a hierarchy, with each article having a parent set. You can begin browsing this hierarchy by viewing its top level.

At the moment, you can also view a list of all articles on the Tricki. (You can also reach this list by clicking on the link below Recent articles on the right-hand side of the page.)

Navigation on the Tricki is greatly aided by setting a parent article for each article. If one is unsure of what to specify as a parent article, one can specify 'uncategorised' in the hope that someone will know how to categorise the article. Please consider contributing to the Tricki by finding suitable parent articles for some of the articles listed on the uncategorised articles page.

See also the page What if I just want to browse?